amma therapy

AMMA THERAPY is a form of bodywork. You can make an appointment by calling me, txt or email. I send you paperwork or you can do this at your appointment time. Therapy includes acupressure, tuina, pulse evaluation and perhaps, depending on what you want to try; fire cups, tuning forks, moxa, and/or gu sha. You may leave with one or all of the following:

  • recommendations for food as medicine IE: eat warm cooked foods 2X per day, eat 2 kiwi per day, make yourself a rice congee

  • exercises for stretching or toning

  • lifestyle suggestions specifically for you IE.: don't grill all your food, quit sitting on cold cement, ice this part, heat that part, 

Just like the Qigong I teach, I use Amma to bring your body out of the mind, where it can make a connection for its own self-knowledge.  This way, many times during a session you find the answers that are already within yourself, this is the best medicine!  I teach you to sort through the many voices in your head wondering: Should I do this?  Should I take that? How do I think about that?  Where do I go for more help? I teach you self-care. I see a wide variety of people, children, men and women ages 1-80. I have treated with great success stuck Qi such as: sciatica, plantar fasciitis, tight neck and shoulders, mid back pain, low back pain and stomach pain of undiagnosed origin. Shen troubles such as: unremitting anxiety, sleep difficulty, restlessness and worry.  I see clients at: Pulse Holistic Health, 725 N 15th St. Boise, ID 83702.  One hour of Amma Therapy is $60. 

To schedule an appointment you will need to call, email or txt me directly: 


Amma Therapy is not intended as a substitute for recommendations by your primary care physician. The suggestions made are lifestyle practices that have benefitted people for thousands of years as they relate to the cycles of nature. These cycles present in the interior spaces of the energetic body and are influenced by the practice of Amma as a lineage art.