At some point in life, you are looking for more, when you explore your internal nature,

you find your own answers.

carla kyle

Master Healing Qigong Teacher

AOBTA Certified Amma Therapy Practitioner



Carla Kyle is a Master Qigong teacher from the Ling Gui family lineage.  Her passion for health and well being of the whole person led her to studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asian Bodywork Therapy and practical application of self-healing Qigong studies. She has taught qigong for the past 11 years as well as maintaining her Amma Therapy practice in Boise.


Carla grew up in the treasure valley and left Boise State University with a Fine Arts degree. Her love of nature pulled her to Alaska where she lived for 17 years, working and playing in the wilds with 3 children and her longtime spouse.  On returning to Idaho, it is no wonder then, that she found her life's purpose. The Ancient Art of Qigong and its connection to Nature as Philosophy became a driving force behind everything that she now embraces in her personal and professional life.  Carla shares this philosophy of self-discovery through the practice of qigong and its connection to the mind, body, spirit.  Every qigong class she teaches imparts this link to nature and the activation of human potential for a sound mind, healthy body, and connection of spirit and the greater cosmos. When you first know yourself, then you can know others.


Know yourself ~ Benefit every living thing