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What on Earth is Qigong?

July 16, 2018


Well, you are made of earth, so, by learning to move your dirt, mineral and water components, yep, your earth body, you find out about your Qi. Qi is the thing that moves: EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE! When you practice Qigong you become connected with the inside of yourself.  Qigong is internal work, why? Because moving the energy inside yourself benefits your STRUCTURE: your bones, tendons, blood, muscle and liquids, and benefits the FUNCTION of your internal organs like: pee more, pee less, build blood=oxygen=energy, don't build blood=feel cruddy, stagnate.  You practice to create stability, peace, calm, rational thinking of your MIND. Then the BODY can relax and give you feedback. Then, you begin to know yourself.  The practice of Qigong is specific:


1. Movement of the form

2. Breathing

3. Develop the mind for one focus to guide the Qi and activate stuff

Qigong slows you down.  As a practice you learn to slow the body down, instead of trying so hard to get out of your brain.  There is no need to think about what you are doing when you practice Qigong, the body itself is learning a new way of being, it absorbs the Qi during a class like osmosis, no thinking.  Then, subsequently, the mind slows down. When the mind slows down, you conserve energy, you can think with your intuition, your gut knowing, your self-knowledge. This translates into:

1. Know what to do with your life, have self confidence

2. Make good decisions, solve your problems

3. Take care of your physical body without so much work

Do I have to wear special clothes? Stretchy clothes are good for moving, shoes are optional. If your feet hurt and you need to wear shoes, then for sure, wear em!

Is Qigong religion based? No, qigong is not a religion, it is a philosophy for how to live your life.  It can incorporate some Buddhist concepts and helpful ways of seeing yourself. The process of Qigong teaches you to take ownership of not only your body, but your brain as well. The spirit piece is a way to connect with all living things. We can connect with