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Transitioning Winter to Spring

February 8, 2019




Happy New Year of the "Yin Earth Pig"! This winter into spring transition gives way to Shao Yang Qi, or: Young Yang Qi.  What does this mean?  It means light and yang energy are increasing daily. Our yang energy in the body is waking up!


What does this mean for your health into spring?  Well, since we are made from the earth, we eat and are nourished by the earth, then it is wise to tend your body like a garden.  With spring, buds form on trees, small shoots begin to emerge from the earth. These things must be tended with care and continued to be protected from frost and cold.  Read on to find ways to encourage a healthy spring.




This means, keep your body warm, especially the legs and feet, no shorts and sandals yet.  Why? Keeping these areas warm keeps cold from traveling up the through the feet, up the legs and entering the lower belly. When this area gets cold, it cannot work for you, weight gain around the middle happens, your tire grows, depression, painful periods, prostate problems can begin here.  


Best plan? As temperatures warm up, gradually remove your outer layers from the top down, hat first, gloves, jacket, etc.  Keep the legs and feet toasty warm until it is truly warm outside. Continue to put your clothes on, no naked skin. The wind can come in and attack the Liver, this can show up as migraine, vertigo, eye problems. 


Wear loose clothes, not too tight, so that Qi can move easily in the channels and not constrict. When you cut off circulation with tight clothes your Liver and Gallbladder channels are less efficient at circulating blood. Positive attitude, what you think now, you will cash in this fall, have a good attitude about life to prepare for the coming seasons.





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