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Understanding Qigong

February 27, 2019


QI = energy  GONG = work or practice of the qi


Everyone has an axis, the central part of your being


We each have the front and back of the spine and what is in the middle. This is also called our TAI QI /QIGONG axis. The basis of Qigong is to strengthen this axis.  It is our connection to ourselves, to our self-confidence, to our self-discipline, to our ability to move forward in our lives. So you see, Qigong is not only exercise and breathing work, it is philosophy as well.  It is our bodies well being in addition to our mind and psychology AND our connection to spirit's well being.  What is the nature of our spirit?  When we look at the Tai Qi/Qigong axis, we build a connection between heaven and earth, this is how we connect with spirit.  The top of our head (Bai Hui acupoint) opens to the sky, the heavens above. The perineal floor of the body (Hui Yin acupoint, your root chakra) opens to the earth.  The stuff in between is the "between" of sky and earth, our axis. Qigong gives us a bridge to take earth things - our physical selves and consciousness and connect with sky things - our subconscious, our connection to the greater cosmos, our spirit nature.  When you connect to your physical earthly being, you create awareness, you build self confidence, this is a stronger force for endurance, not only for athletic training, but for training in the everyday stressors of life, work, family and playtime. You become a more durable version of yourself. 


When you do not address correctly the subconscious patterns created through a lifetime then....


you are just fighting your own personal discourse in the energetic body.  Why? Because you have laid down memory patterns -how you hold yourself, how your hold your mind in your cellular structure.  Everything you see, say and do takes a