Evolve spring with a Qigong practice

Spring is the time to nourish the blood and tendons. As the earth is coming alive again, so too can you! Many people find themselves with joint and tendon problems in the spring after the cold of winter. Spring Qigong forms focus on stimulating blood to nourish the tendons, nails and hair. These practices send blood to your extremities helping to lubricate all of your joints. Qigong, nettle tea, and liquid minerals all provide substance to activate the blood and send it out to the arms, legs, hands, feet, knees, neck and ankles. Here are a few ways you can get going: 1. Try out a VIDEO that begins any qigong practice or, discover the Yuan Shen Qigong practice. 2. SIGN UP for a Qigong class or drop-in and try out a class. 3. READ. Check out the recommended reading and brush up on philosophy as you continue to understand the Art of Qigong.

Spring Qigong This class will focus on the season of spring and how you can best benefit your health. "Qi does not judge or demand; it only waits for us to stop squeezing so tightly so there is room for it to shine. It travels through our minds, through our hearts and through our fields of being. We relax around the form, the Qi smooths our internal organs, we sync with nature and the Qi moves us". Qigong teaches you to shift your system and be connected to self. You will find yourself feeling happier and overall more mobile. This is not more intellectual stimulation, but the embodiment of the awakened self. When you feel yourself, you find empathy, this then translates to altruism, which enables you to act on your situation.

One last thing

Qigong is a good way to understand yourself and your relationship with others and the world around you. Check out the any BLOG article and find out more, or go to the FAQ section of the website and get your questions answered.

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