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Discover the Eight Branches of Eastern Medicine as a way to think about your self and your place in life...


Western Philosophy treats the body and mind as separate entities; it is a style of medicine that is 200 years old. It is a reductionist based theory where body structure is studied to better understand function. Body and organ parts are treated verses the whole being of body, mind and spirit. People are managed with chemicals that treat symptoms. Eastern Philosophy focuses on the mind-body connection. It is 5000 years old and therefore built on many years of knowledge that have been constantly added. Eastern medicine focuses on the cause and origin and the emotion of the person, it is a functional way of medicine. Here are the 8 Branches of Eastern Medicine:


1. Meditation

2. Exercise – Mindful movement like Tai Chi or Qigong

3. Diet, including tonic herbs

4. Astrology, know yourself

5. Geomancy/Feng Shui – know your space

6. Bodywork, Tuina

7. Herbs

8. Acupuncture


The Eight Branches are available to everyone who is in search of self discovery, an adventure of the self in this world so to speak. Not only can you find greater awareness and understanding of yourself and others, you can also begin to make sense of your place in the world and what you are here for, no small thing!,




New Classes

GREAT WHITE CRANE QIGONG is for your immune system, your Wei Qi. This form promotes the health of your lungs and increases your Qi making it bigger and stronger. This form opens your connection to others, your connection to the universe and resets your biological clock so that you are in sync with nature. What does this mean? That you can sleep during the night and be awake during the day. This form is also good for motion sickness as it opens the pericardium channel. When you work to establish a good rhythm for the lungs, then you can affect the rhythm of your heart for long term health and integrity.Whew