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Last month I went over what your Wei Qi does for you. The Wei Qi is another name for your immune system and how it helps maintain your health.  Here are some tips to keep your Wei Qi strong and protected this winter.


Keep your feet covered.  I cannot emphasize this one enough.  The feet run along something called the Tai Yang channel.  This is where cold can enter the body.  Where?  The feet and bottoms of the feet, your seat, and your neck. If you have ever sat for a long period of time with feet on cold pavement, you can feel the cold "creeping" up the legs.  Then, you might find you go home and "catch" cold.  The process has begun.

Basically keep the body from the waist down covered.  This means for runners, begin to peel from the top down, hat, then gloves, then upper torso covering. This prevents the "water systems" from the waist down from freezing.  This is important inside as well, keep your feet covered, socks and slippers.  Cover your ears.  Earache after being out in the cold wind?  The ears are related to the Kidney.  You want to conserve your Kidney Qi. Wear a hat outside.  Keep your backside warm!  Please don't sit on cold surfaces, this slows down circulation in the legs and allows cold enter your Tai Yang channel.


Feeling out of sorts?  Put a hot water bottle on your low back - your kidney area for 20 minutes. You could take a nap.  The relationship of Kidney and lung is that the kidney 'roots" the lung Qi.  We want our Lung qi rooted, not floating.  When Lung Qi starts to float away with itself, this is impending crud coming in. 


Neti pot and gargle with salt water.  If you do not know how to neti pot, learn to do so when you are feeling well, it will go much easier for you.  You can just gargle with the salt water for now.  Salt absorbs stuff in the mucous membranes and escorts it back out.  


Go to bed.  Or, take a hot bath up to your neck for 20 minutes, put on warm jammies and then go to bed, if you sweat a bit, this is good as it is natures way of expelling the bug back out of you.




  • Stop all tonic herbs and vitamins when you determine you are sick. This is like feeding your cold.

  • Avoid cloying foods: dairy, sugar, orange juice, wheat, processed foods, alcohol and soy.  These "energetically cold foods stuff the systems up.

  • Add lots of liquids like: clear chicken broth, onion soup, mint tea with honey, ginger tea with honey, hot water for sipping. 

  • Pears and honey are good if you tend towards dryness- dry eyes, dry nose, dry mucous membranes.

  • Keep up with your probiotics this winter and maintain good gut flora. Goat milk yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, Kim chi, spirulina, wheat grass juice, probiotics.

Food as Medicine Therapy is not intended as a substitute for recommendations by your primary care physician. The suggestions made are lifestyle practices that have benefitted people for thousands of years as they relate to the cycles of nature.
These cycles present in the interior spaces of the energetic body and are influenced by the practice of Food as Medicine and information provided through Qigong Boise.

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