White Crane Qigong provides a form to help build your Wei Qi. This is a very good form to practice if you have frequent colds or allergies in the fall and winter season. Your Wei Qi goes outside the body and floats like an invisible layer of protection all around the skin of your body. This is like a shield against "catching" cold and flu as we enter into the season of fall. What else does the Wei Qi do? Check it out what the Wei Qi does during the day:

What does the Wei Qi do at night?

Your Wei Qi goes inside the body at night to protect and nourish your internal organs. This means they get energy to function properly for you during the daytime. They are not "hungry" during the daytime, becuse you slept and fed them during the night. Following the way of Wei Qi is another way to follow nature. This is how you benefit your health, follow the Wei Qi cycle, then you can sync with nature, then everything works better, your body, your psychology and your spirit. This means you need to sleep from 11:00 until at least 5:00 in the morning.

Here is where the Wei Qi goes when you sleep:


AUTUMN in general cooking recommendations:

The direction of Qi is gathering inward. Best advice is to eat mostly warm, cooked meals at least twice a day, especially if you have belching, nausea or hiccups after eating. This will also be helpful if you are easily cold or chilled. Use longer cooking times, baking, crock pot and boiling to add moisture. hese methods use low heat over a longer period of time, this is slow cooking! You want to have the ability to "hold stuff in" and not "leak it out". IE: too much pee, too much sweat, too tired. In the fall we want to nourish the Stomach and Spleen. We eat to tonify yang- the functioning aspect of these organs


EAT: add in figs, dates, guavas, honey, leeks, roast squash, sweet potatoes with molasses, onions sauted in brown sugar, chicken soup with ginger. Butternut squash soup, carrots, beets, potatoes, any soup or stew, curried lentils and rice, brown rice.

ASSIST YOUR DIGESTION WITH: adzuki beans, leeks, pickles, kim chi, jicima, miso broth, goat milk yoghurt, coconut or almond milk yoghurt.

LIMIT ENERGETICALLY COLD FOODS: cow milk and yoghurt, bread, oranges and orange juice, sugar, alcohol.

CAUTION: use hot pageants like VINEGAR sparingly because they can make you deficient over a period of time as they have the direction of up and out, again, we want the foods we eat this time of year to go in and down. Vinegar is fine as a salad dressing, but taking vinegar "shots" to aid digestion every day is in excess this time of year. Instead. Instead use of mild pungeants like ginger, cinnamon, onions and horseradish.

Food as Medicine Therapy is not intended as a substitute for recommendations by your primary care physician. The suggestions made are lifestyle practices that have benefitted people for thousands of years as they relate to the cycles of nature.
These cycles present in the interior spaces of the energetic body and are influenced by the practice of Food as Medicine and information provided through Qigong Boise

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