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January 24, 2020




Winter Solstice is when the most dark happens, so, this is the biggest Yin to Yang transition time of year. Yin at its most dark, its most full. Then Yin transitions back to Yang, the light as more light each day begins to build. Yin and Yang is energy appears in nature as such:

YIN: the moon, dark, quiet, female, earth, coalescing, substance, physical body, conserving, consolidating, winter, fall, direction is gathering in.

YANG: the sun, light, loud, male, sky, expanding, movement, energetic body, passion, growth, summer, spring, direction is up and out.

This time of year is considered YIN until March when we transition to spring.  So, it is still a good time of year to conserve your Yin. It is a dark, more quiet time of year.  Your Yang Qi needs to go deeper to be replenished. The animals know to hibernate and just sleep more.  If we look at nature, we can follow what nature does, what the animals do.  Sleep more, do less, conserve energy.  When you learn to follow the seasons of nature, then nature can work for you.  How does this happen?  When you are more quiet in winter and store some reserves, then the springtime "Dis-Eases" do not come about: allergies, digestion troubles, cold hands and feet, can't wake up in morning. 

As the earth wants to bring Yang Qi to a deep level to protect and preserve (think of plants here staying quiet underground, not growing above ground), then, in the springtime, the plants and YOU are able to rebirth with energy.  In the wintertime you are building YIN which is a very powerful, deep source of energy, it is solid and full of integrity.  


  • Stay warm, keep covered, especially your feet and legs

  • Eat warm cooked foods

  • Eat root vegetables: carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, yukon potatoes, beets, horseradish root, parsnips, turnips, celery root, jerusalem artichokes, these things grow in the ground, they are rooted, so they help to "root" your Yin energy.

  • Prepare food at home

  • Cook in cast iron pan for iron nutrient benefit

  • Go to bed early (9:00 pm, no later than 10:30 pm)

  • Low light at night so melatonin kicks in naturally

  • Drink a glass of water first thing in morning to water your Stomach Qi

  • No screen time 2 hours before bed (coordinating this is a huge benefit for the rest of your life for a good nights sleep).  This means no TV, no computer, no long phone time.

  • Hot water bottle on kidneys if you are feeling under the weather

  • OR, hot water bottle at feet and cold pack on forehead to bring "thinking fire in the brain" down so you can go to sleep. 

  • During the day keep the lower body the warmest, two layers of clothes on legs, take off hat, gloves, then upper body jacket first if too warm.  

  • Keep feet covered in the house, socks and slippers, this is where cold can enter and set up a vacation condo in your interior. Then, the cold visits to wreak havoc on your health. 

  • It takes 3 days to catch a cold.  You have these 3 days to notice you are going under and do something!  Gargle with salt water, take elderberry syrup, go home, take a nap.  Take a hot bath with menthol or Kwan Loong oil (oil of wintergreen), wrap up super warm, go to bed, maybe sweat it out, put that hot water bottle on the low back-kidney area to "root" your Lung Qi. 

  • Wash hand and kitchen towels often. 

  • Practice Qigong to build your Wei Qi

  • Solstice traditions are a time to gather together to help you transition to the next season and time of year.  So:

  • Gather with friends and celebrate, this allows for a smoothe