Evolve your summer with a Qigong practice

Can you feel the heat yet? We have had a nice mix of warm and cool for June, Ya-Hoo! If you have begun to notice that on the days that are particularly warm, that you feel tired, agitated, upset or downright ANGRY, then you may have acquired some internal heat. This is how we mirror nature, the outside temp comes inside our being, not just body, but mind and spirit as well. How does inside heat how up?

1. PHYSICAL: you feel hot and can't seem to cool down. If you are "getting on in years" you may notice you just can't take the heat. This is because the body is less efficient at removing heat out of the blood.

2. MIND: Heat shows up as in your head as cant stop thinking, cant sleep because cant stop thinking.

3. SPIRIT: Heat manifest as "fire in the mountain" fire in the head, mania, emotional agitation of any kind. IE: can't sleep, can't stop thinking, got lots of problems, can't let you of your thoughts.

Morning, Noon, Evening: How to pace your days


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