warm up ~ small forms

Here you will find HANDOUTS that take you through small forms of qigong, you could call them Qi prescriptions as I do in my practice.  These are short forms and helps that you can do anytime, 5-10 minutes of working and breathing to introduce you to a daily practice.  Just click on the picture and have fun!  


The techniques and handouts presented on this website are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice. As each exercise benefits increased circulation and teaches you philosophy, it is a learning tool to know your own body, know your own mind. QigongBoise assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing these exercises. 

Self Massage PDF
Seated warm up exercise before a Qigong practice
Qi Hands PDF
Activate your Qi hands
10 Point Qi PDF
Activate Qi in the 10 Golden Points
4 Basic Qigong PDF
Four simple daily qigong routines to move you.
Repair the Brain PDF
Repair the mind and release stress from the brain.
Eye Massage PDF
Qigong eye massage
Break the Fat PDF
Warm your Dai Mai channel
Release Brain Stress
Specific breathing exercises with hand mudras to lift off stress
Pai Da Qigong PDF
Tapping Qigong to wake up acupoints on the body and open your doors. Preparation to receive information. Prepare to absorb information into your being.
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