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Become a Certified

Ling Gui Healing Qigong Teacher


Become a certified Ling Gui Healing Qigong teacher! This is a one year intensive study where you will learn one or two forms in which to certify while developing a core practice. The year Includes initial training in a workshop intensive and then 6 Qigong checks per your schedule where we meet to go over progress of your Qi and discuss philosophy.


When you study Qigong theory and practice Qigong, you will learn to gather and cultivate Qi. Students also gain an understanding and appreciation of the mind/body/spirit relationship. This results in physical, emotional and spiritual deepening. As you become more aware of your energy then connection with the universe unfolds. You will find many opportunities with the growing interest in Qigong in our community to share the vast knowledge of this sincere practice.


  • Introduction to the Principles of Taoist Philosophy

  • Theory of Qi

  • Theory of Five Elements

  • Five Toxins of the Heart

  • Self-healing Breathing Methods

  • Cycle of the Moon's influence on the Human Body

  • Seven Sacred Doors in Qigong Practice

  • Ethics in Qigong 


Choose One or Both Forms:



For more information and cost of program, please call me @ 208.484.2872